Advanced Chilled Water Brewing System (for Under-Counter)

PristineHydro’s Advanced Chilled Water Brewing System… mimics the processes found in nature. Just add this appliance to your new or existing Pristinehydro™ 10-Stage Under-Counter WATER REVIVAL SYSTEM and experience the Cold Brewed Difference. One device does it all:


Viktor Schauberger and Matteo Tavera were extraordinary men, visionaries with innovative, integrated ways of understanding the processes of nature. They developed an understanding of the way that nature worked. They then, developed practical applications based on what they observed. We humbly dedicate the technology for PristineHydro’s Advanced Chilled Water Brewing System to the lessons we learned from two of the greatest natural philosophers of all time — Viktor Schauberger and Matteo Tavera.


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The World has Struggled to Make Progress on Drinking Water…

The next generation has arrived… PristineHydro’s ACWB

For some years now we’ve been hearing about the importance of drinking water, and multiple companies offering all kinds of “healthier” water have sprung up everywhere you turn with: distilled water, filtered water, alkaline water, mineral water, spring water, and so on. Yet amazingly, even with all the hype about drinking plenty of water every day, many, many people are dehydrated. And even if you drink plenty of water daily, you may be confused as to what types of water are truly good for you and what isn’t.

Prior to the Industrial Revolution the best water to consume was fresh, chilled, living spring water, full of bicarbonate salts, imbued with life-force energies, and other healthy benefits. Clean, healthy water should not be pure. In fact, the waters with the most epicurean interest are acid free and contain bicarbonate salts and trace elements.

Natural water has mineral content. By removing minerals, water becomes acidic and aggressive, meaning it will seek to replace the ions (minerals) removed. Water treated by either distillation or RO will become even more acidic upon contact with air airborne carbon dioxide that reacts with the water and makes carbonic acid, which takes the place of the ions (minerals) that were removed.

The whole planet has a smoke ring around it; the Pollution Cycle affects all of the water of our planet. When rainwater falls from the clouds as rain, it falls through air filled with bacteria, dust, smoke, smog, chemicals, minerals, gases, and radioactive fallout. By the time it reaches the earth it is so saturated with acids, decaying matter, dirt, and chemicals that under a microscope, it has a yellowish-white tint.

The water used by the majority of humans is already polluted before it hits the contaminated ground… where it picks up more toxic wastes. It is then run through open sluices or closed penstocks into reservoirs, where it stands for days, far from its natural source. It is then infused with a plethora of manmade chemicals and carried miles and miles through pipes that deplete its radiance. As distance and time separate it from its pristine source it becomes more and more deadened. As it nears the end of its journey (when we use it), practically all of the life-sustaining forces, properties, and elements that were originally a part of it have been lost and/or destroyed.

Far beneath the surface of the Earth, there are great natural cavities into which fresh water was constantly seeping and out of which it is also constantly flowing. Under ideal circumstances pristine water froze on the top of high mountains, it then flowed down the mountain over the crust of the Earth in the form of streams and rivers, creating vortexes and imploding on itself. It also seeps into hidden storehouses of the Earth where the pressure becomes so great that it is forced through the crusts of the Earth again to the surface, where it either starts flowing down the rivers or seeping back again to the storehouses, or consumed by plants and animals, or it evaporates.

In its trips over and through the crusts of the Earth, H2O goes under certain chemical processes and is in constant contact with, life-giving minerals, elements, and telluric currents that are filled with radiance: H2O becomes drinking water. Recently, success has been achieved in an attempt to isolate the source of these life-giving elements that radiate power and life. This element is called magneto-electricity.

As water makes its way either down through or up through the crusts and over the Earth, it is exposed to the telluric currents or Earth currents that constantly radiate magneto-electricity. This energy adds a spark of life to the water molecules. Telluric currents are extremely low frequency and travel over large areas on and near the surface of Earth. These water molecules absorb and give off energy every second, and each time they come near another substance, they imbue a mysterious force known as biophoton, which is one of the most elusive elements of Nature.

Biophotons are particles of light, with no mass, that transmit information within and between cells and tissues in living organisms. Biophotons serve as the information system, which steers and controls the thousands of biochemical reactions taking place within each cell every second of our lives.

In famous health springs of the world the water is highly charged, due to the fact that on its trip to the surface of the Earth it has washed against minerals strongly imbued with radiance and telluric currents. It becomes filled with vigor or this biophoton energy, which, upon reaching the exterior of the Earth, it permeates every living thing that it comes close to.

Our bodies are magneto-electronic in nature and are composed of billions of micro–magneto-electronic units, which are formed in structures that have a phased-array organization. Biophysicists view the body as an interconnected bio-energetic organism.

The ability of pristine biophoton enriched water to disassemble and rearrange other molecules is essential to the chemistry of life. It does this by forming weak bonds with the other molecules. This is often why we refer to water as the universal solvent. Biophoton enriched water and the naturally occurring bicarbonate salts are perfect conductors of magneto-electricity and this is essential for the day-to-day operation of our bodies.

tensionIdeally, the best spring water was frozen on top of a mountain. Water at 4 degrees Celsius is at its densest. Water has an asymmetric bond, and at between 4° to 12° Celsius the hydrogen bonds tighten up to conserve energy… and this lowers the surface tension of the water to the optimal level.

Warm water has a high surface tension because the hydrogen bonds are wide open! The molecules of warm water bind together and are very difficult to separate. The only way to lower surface tension to the optimal level is to chill it down to 4° to 12° Celsius! Water with a high surface tension irrigates the body, water with a low surface tension hydrates the body.

Water also needs to be “spun or vortexed” in a spiral to simulate flowing water; this way the water molecules are moving fast… as opposed to water that is stagnant and the molecules are slow moving. Fresh, chilled spring water also passed through or over the earths magneto-electric field, which structured the water molecules spatial orientation.

PristineHydro’s Advanced Chilled Water Brewing System lowers the temperature of the water down to 2° to 12° Celsius (35.6°F to 53.6°F). It also vortexes the water through a grounded copper vortexing tube. The vortex tube unitizes the ground wire in the house to bring the water in contact with the telluric currents (charging the water), we even added a diode that filters out any unwanted AC current that might be present in the ground wire. The grounded vortex tube de-clusters the water molecules and properly arranges and sorts them.


The water is pumped through an additional vortex tube that contains crystals, lodestone (natural magnets that are imbued with magneto-electricity), and garnet pebbles, this allows for the natural minerals in water to more easily bond with water. The water is also pumped through an additional magnesium and carbon filter, which adds extra minerals to the water and the carbon polishes it to perfection.

The vortexing, energizing, mineralizing, and restructuring processes are set up on a Timer and the chilled water from the holding tank is run through this energizing and remineralizing process every other hour for an half hour. The Timer is set to shut off during the night… however you can program it any way you want. The Timer can easily be turned on (and off) manually to vortex the water while it is being dispensed. The 3 GPM 12 volt DC brushless pump is silent.

New scientific findings revealed that most water we drink are actually scientifically classified as “lifeless”, due to lack of oxygen and minerals, and most are acidic and have loose molecular structure. Whether it is tap water, filtered water, purified water, distilled water, or so-called hexagonal clustered water, etc. they are all dead and loaded with acids and other contaminates… and their high surface tension cluster can hardly penetrate into cell the membrane, which has a tiny narrow path.

If you have read the entire LivePristineHydro website, we have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt… that we have scientifically proven that spring water is contaminated… and that every water filter, every water ionizer, even reverse osmosis and water distillers are ineffective, obsolete, and actually produce water that is harmful to your health… LivePristine™!

PristineHydro’s Advanced Chilled Water Brewing System is the perfect bottle free solution for any high end office or residential location that needs a high-capacity water tanks.

Get ice cold or piping hot PristineHydro™ in your home or office without the hassle of big bulky bottles. No more worrying about delivery/pickup hassles. Making your own water reduces bottle waste in landfills and significantly reducing your carbon footprint. All this while saving you money and protecting your families health.

The two tone black and stainless steel finish is stylish and has a special zinc coating that wont finger print so you enjoy easy clean up. It comes with a dual float safety shut off system, hot/cold output, stainless steel tanks and paddle style faucets.

PristineHydro’s Advanced Chilled Water Brewing System is durable enough to withstand years of abuse and heavy traffic and has a whisper-quiet running sound. Enjoy crisp, clean, chilled, and vortexed pristine drinking water anytime using the cold water push faucet. Fill your sports bottles or gallon jugs at the push of a lever!

This bottle free solution connects directly to your PristineHydro™ Water Filter and it will save you the hassle and cost of traditional bottled water coolers. Don’t forget you need to purchase a PristineHydro™ Water Revival System. Our PristineHydro’s Advanced Chilled Water Brewing Systems are only available to current or new customers who purchase (or have purchased) a PristineHydro™ Water Revival System.

If you don’t have the PristineHydro™ ACWBS and you still want to drink the best water… you can put the PristineHydro™ Water in container in the refrigerator with lodestones and crystals and stir the water prior to dispensing. Make PristineHydro™ Ice and add it to your reusable Sports Bottles. You can even put lodestones and crystals inside your Sports Bottles. LivePristine™…

Performance Benefits

  • Use PristineHydro™ Under Counter System to get pure water
  • Unlimited pristine water supply
  • Piping hot and ice cold supply all the time
  • Hot water supply has safety design dispenser and off feature
  • High capacity for office use
  • Reliable LG compressor


  • Cold water tank 2 gallon capacity
  • Hot water tank 1.8 gallon capacity
  • Easy Install Kit with 50ft of 1/4″ polyethylene supply tubing

Features and Benefits

  • Stainless Steel Tanks: Both the hot and cold water tanks are constructed of hygienic stainless steel which is specifically designed to be contaminant-resistant and protect your health
  • Temperature Adjustment: Controlled by an adjustable thermostat, the cold water temperature can be set from around 2° to 12° Celsius (35.6°F to 53.6°F). The hot water temperature is automatically controlled (non-adjustable) to nearly 185°F.
  • Economical: Without the use of plastic bottles, the ACWBS saves you hundreds per year. Instead, the water comes from your existing PristineHydro filer for Pristine hot and cold water and extra efficiency Technical Specs
  • Dimensions: 14.4 x 11.4 x 44.9 inches; 50 pounds • Electrical: Takes a standard household 110v outlet
  • Refrigerant Type: R134a
  • UL-Listed: Yes • Construction: ABS plastic & Pre-Coated Metal Side Panel
  • Hot Water Thermostat: Yes – temperature is controlled to 185° F. Tank Capacity (Hot): 6.5 L/hr
  • Cold Water Thermostat: Yes – temperature is controlled from 2° to 12° Celsius (35.6°F to 53.6°F)
  • Warranty: 1 years on parts and 3 years on compressor, Product Color: White with grey accent collar and drip tray, clear push style faucets
  • Quantity of Hot Water Served Per Hour (GPH): 1 G/hr of 185°F
  • Quantity of Cold Water Served Per Hour (GPH): 1.5 G/hr of 2° to 12° Celsius (35.6°F to 53.6°F)
  • Removable Drip Tray Type: One piece ABS plastic


PristineHydro™ Revival Filters will not fit other water filtration systems and may cause significant damage to other manufacturers’ products. PristineHydro™ is not responsible for any such use of its filter units and returns will only be accepted for manufacturer defects.

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